Home Audio

ComponentsWhen it comes to the finest individual components for your audio systems, AUDIO VIDEO has the best manufacturers in each category. If you need a single component to start or finish your system, or you need help with a complete system, our staff of professionals will assist you.

The excitement of listening to music you love on an excellent system starts with high quality speakers such as B&W, Revel, Klipsch, Definitive Technology, and others. We can help you find the best speakers for your musical preference, room acoustics, cosmetics and your budget.


Whole House AudioImagine having music in every room of your house. The ability to control your favorite radio or digital satellite music in the kitchen, a new CD in the bedroom, and your iPod in the exercise room, all while someone is watching a movie or ball game in the family room. Imagine the convenience of controlling the volume and the source from an attractive in-wall keypad. And now, imagine that the speakers are all hidden, painted to match the ceiling, or completely invisible. It can happen with whole house systems from Savant, Elan, Control 4 and AMX. Let AUDIO VIDEO turn your dreams into a reality.