Warning, Mayday-Mayday. Analog HD Video is Dead

Good BYE Blu-ray Component Video on Jan. 1, 2011

If you have a home theater, you may find that in January of next year you will no longer have the ability to display Blu-ray high-definition video.

When high definition TV (HDTV) became popular a few short years ago, content providers were justifiably nervous about of the near-perfect high-definition copies that were now possible.  They addressed these fears by creating a new type of cable and connector called High Definition Multimedia Interface, or “HDMI” for short.  Digital audio and video are delivered on this single-wire solution, as well as Digital Rights Management (“DRM” = copy protection). DRM is studios protection against piracy. HDMI has now become the standard in home theater cabling types.

This phase-out of all other high definition capable interconnects is called Analog Sunset. Additional (and more severe) restrictions are going to follow shortly thereafter, but to continue watching your blu-ray content, you will possibly be required to upgrade your connections before January 1, 2011 once Analog Sunset arrives.

Any Blu-ray disc players made after 12-31-10 will not output HD content on component jacks.

Any Blu-ray discs made after (some even before) can contain code that prevents them from outputting HS on component jacks.

If your home theater or video system was designed before 2010 there is a good chance that the connections between the TV and Blu-ray player need updating, but please understand this is part of the evolution of better content not the fault of your AV installation company.


ESPN 3D Announces 1st 3 College Football Telecasts

ESPN 3D has announced the first 3D college games to be broadcast on the new network.

  • Boise State vs. Virginia Tech
  • Miami vs. Ohio State
  • Clemson vs. Auburn

These are the 1st of many more 3D college and pro games to be announced. 3D will become the viewing option of choice for die-hard football fans who want an awesome football viewing experience.

ESPN 3D Website

Google TV LOGO

Google Enters the TV Content Business

Google TV LOGO

Because of the incredible growth of the Android mobile operating system, Google unveiled the new Google TV platform at the Google I/O Conference in San Francisco. The new device is promising to merge the world of online content from portals like YouTube, Netflix and Hulu with what you already receive from cable or satellite services, and allows you to leverage the power of Google Search when looking for programming to watch.

Built on Google’s successful Android mobile operating system for smartphones and tablet/netbook computers, Google TV leverages technology from Adobe, Intel and Google’s Chrome Browser to deliver engaging experiences to your living room. Sony has signed on with Google to make the first TVs with integrated Google TV technology, and Logitech will manufacture a set-top device to bring Google TV to displays without the technology built-in. Both devices will contain Intel Atom chips for processing power.

Introducing Google TV