Sonance Sub/Sat

Incredible Concert Sound at Home

A beautifully landscaped yard is a relaxing space to be, and is great space for entertaining. Having your favorite music playing while entertaining outdoors is great for the ambiance.

Outdoor speaker technology has advanced a lot in the past few years; the latest models sound amazing. Speakers that look like rock or even hidden inside specialized planters are nothing new, but the latest in high-performance outdoor speakers look more like Malibu landscape lights.

Sonance Satellite Speaker

Legendary speaker manufacturer Sonance now makes speakers in this new form factor, and they sound absolutely stunning. Instead of using larger speakers placed in just a few locations around the landscaping, Sonance is advocating placing this new style of speaker in multiple ‘satellite’ locations and they are easily camouflaged with the landscaping. Depending on the models chosen, you get a complete outdoor speaker system that includes 6 or 8 of these satellite speakers and a watertight sub-woofer that is buried within the landscaping (the bass sound comes through a ‘mushroom’ style vent just above ground level). The satellite speakers come in camouflage colors brown, green, black and beige. The weatherproof speakers can be mounted in trees, hidden in ground-cover, or mounted under eaves.


  • smaller satellite speakers are easier to hide
  • multiple smaller speakers give more even sound coverage over a much wider area
  • buried sub-woofer provides deeper bass than larger conventional outdoor speakers
  • easy to maintain consistent volume level throughout a large area
  • lower overall volume level (due to evenly spaced and carefully aimed speakers) minimizes noise disturbance to neighbors

New Trending A/V Interior Design Ideas for Luxury Homes

At the Architectural Digest Home Design Show held in New York City, TRUFIG was awarded ‘Most Innovative Product’ by the ASID (American Society of Interior Designers) in their ‘Top Pick Awards 2011 Best in Show’. TRUFIG is a unique flush-mounting system for common wall accessories, such as the electrical outlet shown at the right cleverly “hidden” in the granite backsplash. Interior designers and architects love how this flush-mounting system compliments the interior design of their projects. Without TRUFIG, wall accessories such as light switches, dimmers, lighting control keypads, HVAC registers, and home automation touchscreens often had their locations dictated by where the studs were located behind the drywall; after all, this is where the wall box had to be nailed. Due to the unique TRUFIG mounting platform, these wall devices can now “float” anywhere in the stud bay, allowing precise and repeatable device alignment. No more one-off solutions trying to hide receptacles in baseboards or back-splashes!Besides flush-mounting wall accessories, there are a lot of other technologies available that allow a design-savvy audio video integrator to hide or otherwise blend audio video technologies into interior décor. Some examples: Mirror TV for Media Room

  • You can hide TV’s behind mirrors in bathrooms, bedrooms, and sometimes even media rooms. 
  • Motorized TV lifts allow TV’s to seemingly appear out of thin air. TV’s can rise from under a bed, descend from a ceiling, appear sideways out of a wall, or lower over a fireplace. It seems motorized TV applications are only limited by imagination. To see them in action, home automation touch panel flush mounted
  • Video projection screens can descend out of soffits or from hidden trapdoors in ceilings, allowing you to have a dual purpose space that cleverly hides a media room entertainment system.
  • Lighting control systems not only illuminate beautiful interior design brilliantly, but eliminate banks of unsightly light switches and dimmers.
  • Home automation touchpanels, both in-wall and handheld, consolidate control of many home subsystems (lighting, climate, security, audio/video, pool/spa, etc) into easy to use interfaces that greatly eliminate “wall acne”. No more do you have the eyesore of seeing many different, non-matching independent controls littering the walls.

As you can see, teaming up with a design-savvy audio video integrator can lead to a home with the best of modern conveniences and entertainment systems, yet have a minimal impact on the interior design.

Our new product, TRUFIG eliminates “Wall Acne”

TRUFIG flush mount HVAC registersFollowers of this blog and our website know that we are big fans of  interior design-friendly products. If you haven’t seen TRUFIG’s flush-mount products yet, visit www.trufig.com for pictures and installation videos. With TRUFIG, Audio Video can make common household fixtures like electrical outlets, lighting controls, dimmers and home automation touch screens almost disappear.

Unlike one-off attempts to hide these devices that clutter every wall, TRUFIG gives us an engineered flush-mount solution that is repeatable and adaptable to nearly any well executed interior design, be it traditional or contemporary. They even have solutions for solid surfaces like granite and marble. Now TRUFIG has turned their attention to one of the most unsightly eyesores to clutter a beautiful wall…HVAC registers!
Flush mount HVAC by TRUIG at DSI Ent Systems
TRUFIG was conceived by the founders of Sonance, an industry leader in interior design-friendly products that help integrate technology into homes in an aesthetically pleasing way. Sonance was one of the first companies to introduce in-wall and in-ceiling speakers many years ago and continues to innovate.  With that  in mind, the visionaries founded TRUFIG to apply the same beautifying treatment to common wall accessories that not only “de-uglifies” wall accessories, they actually enhance the interior décor.

The new TRUFIG HVAC registers install completely flush with the wall or ceiling. The TRUFIG aesthetic is superior to conventional HVAC registers; once you see any TRUFIG flush-mounted accessory, you will wonder why nobody thought of this before.

Currently, there are 4 different HVAC register sizes available: 8″ x 4″, 10″ x 6″, 14″ x 8″, and 12″ x 12″. There are about 27 different ‘standard’ sizes of HVAC air supplies in use today, and even more sizes than this for return air, so it will be a while HVAC flush mount kits by TRUFIGbefore all sizes have TRUFIG kits available. If you are building a new home, though, just be sure your architect and HVAC technician designs around one of the above sizes. Optionally, TRUFIG can design a custom flush-mount kit for a different size (not only for HVAC but for almost any wall-mounted accessory). If you are interested in a custom TRUFIG product, please call Audio Video at 979-268-6010.