See your TV, Now you don’t

Not all of our clients want electronics to distract from their home decor.  In my opinion, it makes a huge difference to have the option to hide your TV with just the touch of a button.  Fortunately there are some extremely cool options for making your TV vanish.

Motorized Lift at Foot of Bed

Installing a motorized lift or mount is one.  This gives your TV the ability to move.  It can pivot, tilt pan and disappear entirely into the ceiling, wall or cabinetry.  We can work with your builder, interior designer or cabinet maker to set this up pretty much anywhere;  The cabinet at the foot of your bed,  for example, or we can set the TV up to come out of the wall or ceiling.  Even your outside TV can ascend from somewhere near the pool, hot tub or BBQ.  Anywhere you want, we can make it happen

Motorized Lift at Foor of Bed

Lutron’s Wireless Climate Control Decreases Wall Acne

Lutron is justifiably famous for their lighting control and electronic shades: now they have a new product offering up their sleeve that works well for both new construction and remodel projects. Lutron just released a new wireless climate control system (HVAC) that greatly improves on the good ol’ thermostat. Here are the main details:

  • A small wireless on-wall temperature sensor is placed where it will monitor the temperature most efficiently (2 or more can be used to average temperatures in an area). The changeable battery has a 5-year life (Lutron also includes a wired return air duct sensor is included for backup, just in case the wireless temp sensor needs a new battery).
  • Lutron’s seeTemp wall control (what we think of as the ‘thermostat’) may be ganged next to Decora light switches, dimmers, or Lutron’s own lighting control keypads (both HomeWorks and RadioRA2) to minimize wall clutter. Available in 27 different gloss and satin colors, and a Celsius version is available, too. The seeTemp control gets its power either from existing thermostat wiring, 120v AC, or 24v DC. Since the Lutron Wall Control does not have to be wired back to your heater or A/C unit, you can put these in many new and convenient places.
  • The only wired component is the ‘HVAC Controller’, which connects to your existing or new HVAC equipment…the HVAC Controller communicates wirelessly with the seeTemp wall controls and temp sensors and ties the system together. This controller device is hidden away, and mounted right next to your big HVAC unit.
  • Optional control from your Android phone, iPhone, iPad, or iPad touch both in the home and/or anywhere in the world using a $19.95 Lutron app in iTunes and the Android Market.
  • This system can be controlled from popular 3rd party home automation control systems like  AMX, Control4 and Elan.
  • Ability to set temperature schedules through the seeTemp wall control, Android, Apple apps, or through the 3rd party control systems mentioned above.
  • Works with Lutron’s wirless occupancy/vacancy sensors…select a temperature set point when a room is occupied and another when no one is around (save energy).
  • Ability to completely eliminate visible wall controls (the seeTemp) IF using your Android phone, iPhone, iPad, iPod touch or the above-mentioned home automation control systems.

Lutron RadioRA2 lighting and climate control

According to www.energystar.gov, you can save up to 16% of the energy used on HVAC with temperature controls, so a ‘smart’ climate control system is worth it, both for lower energy bills and reducing your carbon footprint.

This HVAC system allows for much more flexibility & convenience than a typical thermostat system, as the wall controls may be placed where they make sense aesthetically and for ease of access. Less wall clutter!

This is an excellent new climate control system, but there are a few limitations: you can have a maximum of 2 HVAC Controllers, and each can communicate with a maximum of 5 temp sensors, so the system will accommodate 10 climate zones max. At this point, there is no humidity monitoring/control and no outdoor temperature sensor.

Integrating climate controls with home automation systems and eliminating wall clutter is not new (we’ve been doing it for years), but the exciting news is that Lutron’s new system can easily be retrofitted to existing homes and gives some of the same benefits of integrated climate control without having to invest in a full home automation system.

For greater convenience and energy savings, you should couple this climate control system with RadioRA 2 lighting controls and Sivoia motorized shades. Then, you can have a “Green” button on the keypad that dims the lights 5%, lowers the shades to block heat gain, and set back the temperature 2%. Likewise, when leaving for vacation, you can press an “Away” button that triggers lighting scene patterns that give your home an occupied look and sets back the thermostats to an energy-saving set point. Convenience and energy savings both!

Star Wars 3D confirmed for 2012

The entire Star Wars saga is being converted to 3D and will be in theaters sometime around Valentine’s Day 2012.


The first film to be featured in full 3D will be “Star Wars: Episode I — The Phantom Menace“, followed by the five other episodes, each one year after the other.

You may also find interesting the “12 Scenes From Star Wars I Need to See in 3D” list from Big Shiny Robot here.

Yogi Bear 3D

Dan Aykroyd and Justin Timberlake are back in “Yogi Bear 3D” by Warner. Entity FX provided a lot of the special effects such as extensive greenscreen compositing, sky replacement and image adjustment.


Entity FX specializes in visual effects for feature film, television and commercials with services in pre-visualization, on-set supervision, virtual backgrounds, matte painting, environmental effects, compositing, CG animation, specialty photography and more.

Yamaha’s Awesome New Receiver Series

AVENTAGE A/V Receiver Series. Not just the next generation.
The new AVENTAGE A/V receiver series represents Yamaha’s continued commitment to provide customers with superior audio and video performance, along with the most advanced features and technology. Through obsessive attention to detail in design, engineering and fabrication, the AVENTAGE series is not just the next generation but the culmination of a multitude of refinements made to achieve peak audio/video performance.

To learn more about the AVENTAGE series, visit YAMAHA.COM/AVENTAGE.

Brazos Valley ASID get “Green Home” Training

AudioVideo would like to Thank all the Interior Designers that attended the Lutron Lunch & Learn last Thursday.

In attendance were:

Aimee Allen, Candace Huber, Tiffany Gilley, Susan Tremont, Paula Wyble, Mary Kathryn Marx, Gail Moore, Suzanne Holt & Karen Loehr.

All became Lutron “Green Home” Certified.

Toshiba Glasses-less 3DTV

Toshiba Glasses-less 3D REGZA GL1 TVs will arrive in Dec 2010. OK, there are glass-less TVs, but … they are small and they are low-res. “That’s one small step for Toshiba; one giant leap for man waiting for glass-free 3D”


Controlling Apple Products with your AMX System


Integrate the Sonance iPort docking system to add control of an iPod® or iPod touch® to the whole-home entertainment system or seamlessly integrate into virtually any other environment, from hotel rooms to restaurants to business offices. The iPort provides charging, local audio distribution, and direct control access; includes IR support, allowing control of the iPod via IR remote (available separately); and adds integrated RS-232 for two-way communication from audio/video control devices, allowing for viewing of video and music playlist data over a wide range of compatible control systems.


AV and Links at the B/CS HBA Golf Tournament

It’s once again time for the annual Home Builders Association Fall Golf Tournament. AUDIO VIDEO and AUDIO VIDEO Security will be there. This Monday, September 13, 2010 at Briarcrest Country Club, Tron will be firing up a pit full of Slovacek Premium sausage at the Hot Link Hole. Stop by and have a link with us.