At first thought, you might not think the Audio Video Guys would have any influence on interior design, but that notion has changed a lot in the last few years, as our architect and interior design friends well know. After all, improperly placed equipment, TV’s and speakers are an eyesore. And, why not hide all of the electronics when not in use, anyway? We like to hide technology.

Today’s topic deals with something you might not have given any consideration to, and that is wall shadows. What are they and how can they be eliminated?

TRUFIG flush mount light switch DSI

Well, any device on a wall, such as a light switch, an electrical outlet, a home automation touchscreen, etc. has a trim plate or bezel that surrounds it. Though usually not very deep, these devices do stick out past the wall surface and may cast shadows on the wall depending on the room’s lighting. This draws more attention to them than we’d care for. Either way, anything that isn’t artwork protruding off your wall usually isn’t a pretty thing to look at. Again, we probably haven’t given this much thought as it’s seemed to be just the way things are. But not anymore…there is a clever solution for flush-mounting common wall accessories by a company called TRUFIG. The end result is spectacular; one of those “why didn’t someone think of this before?” moments as the pictures in this post show. The clean aesthetic complements both contemporary and traditional interiors.

ipad flush mounting DSI

Really…when was the last time an ugly plastic thing sticking off the surface of a wall complemented any interior??

TRUFIG’s flush-mount system has made the following wall-mounted devices nearly invisible: light switches, electrical outlets, volume controls, data jacks, and popular integration products such as Lutron lighting keypads and AMX home automation touchscreens.

Early collaboration is needed between us, your architect and interior designer to deploy TRUFIG in the most effective way. flush mount HVAC register by TRUFIG In a perfect world we should be consulted at least 2-3 months prior to the completion of construction documents. TRUFIG device placement is very flexible and opens up possibilities for exact, repeatable wall device placement. Plus, we can help consolidate the amount of devices on the wall in the first place by consolidating them in key areas with in-wall touchscreens (such as completely removing security keypads and thermostats from the walls of the public areas of your home).

If you are building or remodeling a custom home you owe it to yourself to at least see what TRUFIG offers – either come by our office or we can make a presentation at your office or home.