The LG 55″ OLED Television just premiered at the annual Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas last week. This flat panel is the thinnest in existence at 4mm thick (about 3 credit cards thick). The bezel that surrounds the image is only 1mm thick.

Both Samsung and LG released their 55″ OLED sets this year, but LG took home the “Best of CES Award”.

Although OLED (organic light emitting diode) is a rather new technology in a TV this large, we expect that this format will produce wider viewing angles, higher contrast, and better picture quality than the current offering of LED, LCD, and Plasma sets. Before you want to trash your current set, keep in mind that this will take a few generations to start eclipsing the current sets on the market. The current focus with OLED is thin, thin, thin…not the best picture quality. This will come in time.

I also expect it to take some time before this technology is available in the new jumbo flat panel sizes (70″ – 85″). Perhaps we will see these sometime in late 2013.

There will be a premium price for this set but will eventually be price competitive with LED sets by 2016, according to LG. Preliminary expected pricing is $7,999 for both the LG and Samsung models.