So our emergency service department fielded a lot of service requests over the weekend to rescue many Grammy Parties due to DirecTV turning on the Energy Saver mode on many of the HD Satellite Receivers that are deployed in millions of households.

What does this mean?

It means that your satellite box will go into standby to save some energy when not in use. This will cause the loss of picture and sound until you turn it back on or press one of the following buttons:

  • LIST
  • MENU
  • INFO

Fortunately, there are a lot of buttons that wake up the receiver so it is an easy fix.

A big THANKS to our stellar Audio Video emergency service technicians who rescued lots of people sitting in really high-end home theaters staring at blank screens instead of watching Springsteen kick off the Grammys.

If you’ve experienced this black screen with your DirecTV HD receiver, now you know why and now you know the fix. This energy saver setting may be bypassed in the settings menu if it drives you crazy. Please leave it on, we all need to save energy!

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