Are you waiting for the iPad 3, the iPad2S or whatever they decide to call it? The iPad 2 was a big improvement over the original and I for one, am glad I decided to wait.

Now with Steve Jobs birthday coming up, February 24th, the rumors are flying about the surly soon to be released iPad update. Here’s what I have been able to find out so far.

Twice the Resolution and Four Times the Pixels
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The current resolution of the iPad 2 is 1024 x 768 with a rather low pixel density of 132 ppi (pixels per inch). The pixel density of an iPhone Retina display is 326 ppi. The iPad 3 display is expected to be somewhere around 2048 x 1536 with a resulting 264 ppi, not quite a Retina display but you’ll see a very noticeable improvement. Rumor has it Apple has beefed up the backlight for the new, improved display which may make the iPad 3 slightly thicker.

2. Improved Camera
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The iPad 3 is rumored to include a Sony-sourced, 8MP camera along with a higher resolution front facing camera which should make FaceTime video calls more special. We hear there’s still no flash for the camera but we wonder how many photos are shot with an iPad altogether.

3. Improved Battery Life
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The currently run rate for a fully charged iPad 2 is around 10 hours. That could improve with a rumored 14,000 mAh battery supposedly coming from Simplo Technology and Dynapack Internation. This would represent a significant increase over the iPad 2’s 6500 mAh battery. The extra battery capacity could come in handy if Apple decides to include the power hungry 4G LTE networking.

4. Quad Core Processor

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The iPad 2 runs on the same A5 dual-core processor as the iPhone 4S. Rumor has it the iPad 3 may run on an A6 quad-core processor.

5. It May Use the Faster 4G LTE Mobile Network
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When the iPhone 4S launched without 4G LTE service which is widely available from Verizon and less so from AT&T, there was some grumbling from those looking for the latest high speed wireless standard. If rumor proves true we could see 4G LTE implemented in the iPad 3. It makes sense for a number of reasons. One we might see carriers subsidize the iPad in return for a contract and two it would give Apple a chance to “shake out” LTE for performance and battery drain issues before they release it on the iPhone 5 later this year.