JL Audio has long been known for their prowess in the mobile audio sub woofer market, but it has not been until the past several years that they have emerged onto the home audio scene.  Even at that, not very many people outside of home audio enthusiasts have even heard of JL, which is truly a shame, because these guys work wonders.  We have the privilege to have the JL F113, their 13″ woofer, on display in the store.  It doesn’t take long before you turn up the volume enough to rattle the entire store.  Yet, it is not the immense power being produced by this sub woofer that is it’s most impressive feature, it is the brilliance and clarity with which it reproduces low frequency audio that will win you over.  This relatively compact sub competes and often outperforms sub woofer systems that are several times its size.  In order to achieve the audio brilliance the sub was designed to create, JL has implemented several features and placed the controls on the front of the sub woofer to ensure that your subwoofer is optimized to its specific location in order to achieve maximum performance.  The JL Fathom is the clear choice for those looking to get the most out of their home theater systems, just be careful of how loud you turn your system up, you might disturb the neighbors.