We Are Builder FriendlyWhat sets us apart?

· We use top quality, name brand cable that meets all current and future networking specs.

· Color coded wires helps the builder, electricians and other subs quickly identify the type of wiring, the device it will control and in many cases, the room or area of the structure it is coming from.

· We hate spaghetti! By running all wiring at 90 degree angles, we are able to bundle and secure it in logical groupings to the structure, so it is out of your way.

· Difficult runs are no problem for Audio Video. We've run wiring in log homes, through solid rock and in extremely tight corridors.

Clean, clearly labeled wiring is a trademark of Audio Video. We are obsessed with detail, and we take pride in the work we do.


We Support Our BuildersAudio Video will design system packages for your homes.

Our packaged products & services can include audio, video, security, networking & internet, and automation features, such as electronic and natural lighting control as well as energy management and HVAC control.

We will do all the heavy lifting — design, installation and customer training. We can even provide customized datasheets to inform your clients on each system package, with your logo and community design.