Remote System Monitoring Services

Increased Customer Service and SatisfactionLike a fine automobile, today’s home automation and electronic systems require proper maintenance and upkeep to ensure that they are in top running condition. Neglecting the equipment can lead to costly failures and frustration. AudioVideo now offers remote system monitoring designed to provide customers peace of mind by proactively detecting problems often times before you know there is a problem.


ihiji invision - strange name Great Productinvision is a web "cloud" solution that provides a secure gateway for Audio Video to remotely monitor, service and maintain all aspects of each client’s in-home electronic systems, including but not limited to, entertainment, network, HVAC and lighting systems. It is the only monitoring solution built specifically for the custom electronic systems integration industry creating a powerful and comprehensive tool that is both easy to use and configure.


Intelligent Service CallsRemember the the Maytag commercial where the repair man shows up and tells the customer the refrigerator called him for service. Now your electronics can call Audio Video. At a basic level the invision solution allows Audio Video to monitor any device that resides on our client's home IP network and are capable of reporting their general health, status, temperature and current draw. Examples of devices that can be monitored include, wine cellars, projectors, wifi touch panels, pumps, wireless access points, routers, network capable TV and blu-ray, UPS, IP cameras, DVRs and more.